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# Obvious
-TODO: Write a gem description
+Obvious is an architecture framework. The goal is to provide architectural structure for a highly testable system that is
+obvious to understand and where both the front end UI and back end infrastructure are treated as implementation details
+independent of the app logic itself.
+You can get a full explanation of Obvious at
## Installation
@@ -18,7 +22,19 @@ Or install it yourself as:
## Usage
-TODO: Write usage instructions here
+Obvious is designed to be used in two ways - as a gem you require in your Obvious projects and also as an Obvious project
+generation tool.
+The project generation tool is run by executing...
+ $ obvious generate
+in a directory containing a decriptors directory. You can read more about descriptors on the Obvious page or see an example
+in the Obvious Status example app:
+Currently the footprint of the Obvious library is quite small. The most important things defined so far are the Contract class
+and the Hash.has_shape? method. The rest of what makes an Obvious app interesting is the structure itself, not the libraries Obvious
## Contributing

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