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Merge pull request #2552 from psyke83/steamlink_overscan

steamlink: add overscan override
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joolswills committed Dec 5, 2018
2 parents 910e067 + eb0d725 commit 4a4e97171be0430083219c6ac73753e44801f3ef
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@@ -14,14 +14,14 @@ rp_module_desc="Steam Link for Raspberry Pi 3"
rp_module_flags="!mali !x86 !kms !rpi1 !rpi2"
rp_module_help="Streaming games to your computer with Steam."
rp_module_help="Streaming games to your computer with Steam.\n\nIf you experience a black screen during startup, you may need to disable the overscan_scale setting in your Pi's /boot/config.txt."
function depends_steamlink() {
getDepends python3-dev curl xz-utils
function install_bin_steamlink() {
local ver="1.0.4"
local ver="1.0.5"
local url=""
wget -qO "$__tmpdir/steamlink_"$ver"_armhf.deb" ""$url"/steamlink_"$ver"_armhf.deb"
dpkg -i "$__tmpdir/steamlink_"$ver"_armhf.deb"
@@ -32,5 +32,23 @@ function remove_steamlink() {
function configure_steamlink() {
local sl_dir="$home/.local/share/SteamLink"
local valve_dir="$home/.local/share/Valve Software"
mkUserDir "$sl_dir"
mkUserDir "$valve_dir"
mkUserDir "$valve_dir/Streaming Client"
# create optional streaming_args.txt for user modification
touch "$valve_dir/Streaming Client/streaming_args.txt"
chown $user:$user "$valve_dir/Streaming Client/streaming_args.txt"
moveConfigFile "$valve_dir/Streaming Client/streaming_args.txt" "$md_conf_root/$md_id/streaming_args.txt"
# RetroPie sets overscan by default, which requires an override
if grep '^overscan_scale=1' /boot/config.txt &>/dev/null; then
touch "$sl_dir/.ignore_overscan"
chown $user:$user "$sl_dir/.ignore_overscan"
addPort "$md_id" "steamlink" "Steam Link" "/usr/bin/steamlink"

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