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steamlink: add overscan override & update to 1.0.5

The steamlink client will refuse to launch when overscan is enabled
(which is enabled by default on our RetroPie image), but an override
is supported.

Also expose streaming_args.txt as optional user configuration.
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psyke83 committed Dec 4, 2018
1 parent f0d9a9c commit eb0d7259b2784c468b9c610b209d8cd72dee9f2e
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  1. +20 −2 scriptmodules/ports/
@@ -14,14 +14,14 @@ rp_module_desc="Steam Link for Raspberry Pi 3"
rp_module_flags="!mali !x86 !kms !rpi1 !rpi2"
rp_module_help="Streaming games to your computer with Steam."
rp_module_help="Streaming games to your computer with Steam.\n\nIf you experience a black screen during startup, you may need to disable the overscan_scale setting in your Pi's /boot/config.txt."
function depends_steamlink() {
getDepends python3-dev curl xz-utils
function install_bin_steamlink() {
local ver="1.0.4"
local ver="1.0.5"
local url=""
wget -qO "$__tmpdir/steamlink_"$ver"_armhf.deb" ""$url"/steamlink_"$ver"_armhf.deb"
dpkg -i "$__tmpdir/steamlink_"$ver"_armhf.deb"
@@ -32,5 +32,23 @@ function remove_steamlink() {
function configure_steamlink() {
local sl_dir="$home/.local/share/SteamLink"
local valve_dir="$home/.local/share/Valve Software"
mkUserDir "$sl_dir"
mkUserDir "$valve_dir"
mkUserDir "$valve_dir/Streaming Client"
# create optional streaming_args.txt for user modification
touch "$valve_dir/Streaming Client/streaming_args.txt"
chown $user:$user "$valve_dir/Streaming Client/streaming_args.txt"
moveConfigFile "$valve_dir/Streaming Client/streaming_args.txt" "$md_conf_root/$md_id/streaming_args.txt"
# RetroPie sets overscan by default, which requires an override
if grep '^overscan_scale=1' /boot/config.txt &>/dev/null; then
touch "$sl_dir/.ignore_overscan"
chown $user:$user "$sl_dir/.ignore_overscan"
addPort "$md_id" "steamlink" "Steam Link" "/usr/bin/steamlink"

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