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This is a chat intro server for RetroShare, which (hopefully) deals with the issues the current one from retroshare-nogui has.

How the chatserver works:

  • adds all certificates in a given, hardcoded directory, after adding it deletes them
  • all added PGP ids are stored in a list, which is saved on disk (chatserver_temporary_friends.txt)
  • if a hardcoded number of friends is reached, the oldest gpgIDs are denied as friends
  • after some startup time, the chatserver looks for visible chatlobbies and joins them, if he can still see e.g. the lobby "Chatserver DE"
  • if the lobbys can't be joined, it creates new ones

How to setup:

  • download the git repo
    mkdir ~/retroshare-chatserver
    cd ~/retroshare-chatserver 
    git clone trunk
    cd trunk
    git submodule update --init
  • change hardcoded constants in chatserver.h to what you want to, compile with
    qmake CONFIG+=rs_chatserver && make
  • setup an account with retroshare-gui as usual, perhaps add some friends which always will be allowed to connect (leeching lobbys and distributing the chatserver lobbys even more far)
  • copy config folder to server
  • create the folder certificateFolder and the file chatserver_temporary_friends.txt (hardcoded in chatserver.h!)
  • start with ./retroshare-chatserver -c configfolder
  • setup w2c as webinterface, see
  • make sure everything is correct with your permissions!


  • created Folders in ~/.retroshare
  • ~/.retroshare/chatserver This is where the files of chatserver are stored
  • ~/.retroshare/chatserver/NEWCERTS This is where www-data is storing entered pgp certificates
  • ~/.retroshare/chatserver/STORAGE This is where the serverkey, lobbys and a hyperlink are stored


  • the file serverkey.txt is stored in ~/.retroshare/chatserver/STORAGE and holds the RetroShare public certificate which is displayed in php frontend
  • friendfifo.txt is stored in ~/.retroshare/chatserver/ and holds the FIFO Slots. chatserver reads them and deletes oldes entry from friendlist if there are more than 100 lines.
  • PHP Frontend stores all new certificates in ~/.retroshare/chatserver/NEWCERTS/ chatserver reads all new pgp certificates from this directory and adds them to friendlist. And adds a line to ~/.retroshare/chatserver/friendfifo.txt






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