Plugin for ArkOS to control retroshare-nogui.
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Plugin for ArkOS to control retroshare-nogui.

status: it works but may has bugs


# get the PKGBUILD file
git clone retroshare-pkgbuild
# build the retroshare-nogui package
cd retroshare-pkgbuild
# install new package
sudo pacman -U <name-of-package>

# download arkos-retroshare-plugin
cd genesis/plugins
git clone retroshare
# restart genesis

What is ArkOS?

A project to help users self-host their websites, email, files and more. Decentralize your web and reclaim your privacy rights while keeping the conveniences you need.

What is Retroshare?

Retroshare is a Open Source cross-platform, Friend-2-Friend and secure decentralised communication platform.

How to compile retroshare-nogui on ArkOS/Archlinux

# better upgrade the number of cpu cores in your VM

# first update your system.
# This is important, so packages which are installed later don't break the whole system
sudo pacman -Syu

# install a compiler
sudo pacman -S base-devel

# install more tools
sudo pacman -S pkg-config subversion openssl libupnp libgnome-keyring libxss qt4 protobuf cmake

# install git?
sudo pacman -S git

# install libgcrypt, this is needed by libgnome-keyring
# update your system first!
# else this package can break pacman
# todo: discuss with rs devs if we can remove libgnome-keyring
sudo pacman -S libgcrypt

# need wget for downloading files?
sudo pacman -S wget

# download and compile libssh
cd ~
tar zxvf libssh-0.5.4.tar.gz
cd libssh-0.5.4/
mkdir build/ && cd build/
make -j2

# get the retroshare sourcecode
# a patched version of v0.5.5 is needed
cd ~
git clone

# compile retroshare-nogui
# on a raspberrypi this can take 4h
# on a sinle core vm it is faster but still slow
# adjust the -j parameter if you have more cpu cores available
# todo: is make in rsctrl still needed???
# probably not
cd ~/retroshare-git/libbitdht/src && qmake-qt4 && make clean && make -j2 &&\
cd ~/retroshare-git/openpgpsdk/src && qmake-qt4 && make clean && make -j2 &&\
cd ~/retroshare-git/libretroshare/src && qmake-qt4 && make clean && make -j2 &&\
cd ~/retroshare-git/rsctrl/src && make -j2 &&\
cd ~/retroshare-git/retroshare-nogui/src && qmake-qt4 && make clean && make -j2

# you should now have retrohare-nogui

How to compile rswebui on Archlinux/ArkOS

# rswebui is a experimental plugin to allow control of retroshare from your browser

# update your system
sudo pacman -Syu

# install depencies
sudo pacman -S wt boost graphicsmagick pango

# download rswebui sources
cd ~/retroshare-git/plugins
git clone

# compile rswebui
cd rswebui

# copy the plugin to the extension folder
# or symlink it
# from: retroshare/plugins/rswebui/
# to:   /home/USER/.retroshare/extensions/