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RetroShare Mobile App.

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RetroShare mobile client written in Flutter.

This is a Flutter frontend for the retroshare-service backend. You need to have both working: this frontend, and the retroshare-service backend.


  • Create one or more Retroshare profiles.
  • Create and delete one or more both Pseudo and Signed Identities, and switch between them.
  • Add friend locations using classic and Short Retroshare invites.
  • Add Friend through QR scanner/QR code.
  • Create lobby chats (public and private).
  • Search public chat lobbies.
  • Start distant chats with identities.
  • Send Image and Emoji in chat.
  • Get Notification of Chat Lobby Invites.
  • Flexibility to accept and deny the chat lobby invites.

Future Plans

  • Converting retroshare service (a.k.a backend of retroshare Mobile) from background to foreground service.
  • Adding Forum support.
  • Support of CI/CD.

Installing on Local Machine:

  • Download Qt 5.12.5.
  • Add the Android dependencies Android x86 , Android ARM64-v8a and Android ARMv7 using QT maintainer tool.
  • Add the Qt 5.12.5 location in file in qt.installdir.
  • Run below command:
  cd android
  cd ..
  flutter run
  • Follow these steps for more Info.

Code linting and formatting

Don't forget to format the code before creating a PR. Run the below command to check your code is formatted or not.

flutter format .


Please read for details on our code of conduct and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


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