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How to edit fonts

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Editing fonts is easy

  1. Download the lstpacker.exe from to create and extract lst-files.

  2. Put it next to the GFX folder of S2

  3. Now start with the existing font. It can be found in RTTR/LSTS/OUTLINE_FONTS.LST. Just drag it on lstpacker.exe to unpack it. It will create a folder named OUTLINE_FONTS.LST with 3 subfolders: On for each font-type. There are 3 by now: Small, Normal and Large (0, 1 and 2 respectively)
    If you want to add unicode glyphs make sure these subfolders have the extension fonX and not fon. The latter are the S2-compatible fonts. fonX should be the ones from recent RTTR nighlies

  4. Now you can just add your glyphs to the 3 font-types. As the name, use either Unicode names or their decimal counterparts. Make sure you add .player.bmp to the name so it looks like U+12A4.player.bmp, U+0033.player.bmp for unicode or 4772.player.bmp, 51.player.bmp for decimal.

  5. Once you finished that, drag the OUTLINE_FONTS folder to lstpacker which will create a new OUTLINE_FONTS.NEW.LST. Rename and copy that to your RTTR folder overwriting the old OUTLINE_FONTS.LST.

  6. If everything works, you can also ask the developers to include your new glyphs in the official builds.

Note on creating the fonts: You can actually only use 5 colors: The background color (pink), the outline color (black) and up to 3 colors for the glyph itself (check the existing ones) Technically you could also use other colors for the outline, but this requires some care as they must be in the S2 palette.