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; =============================================================================
; BareMetal -- a 64-bit OS written in Assembly for x86-64 systems
; Copyright (C) 2008-2017 Return Infinity -- see LICENSE.TXT
; The BareMetal exokernel
; =============================================================================
BITS 64 ; Specify 64-bit for flat binary
%DEFINE BAREMETAL_VER 'v1.0.0 (November 13, 2017)', 13, 'Copyright (C) 2008-2017 Return Infinity', 13, 0
KERNELSIZE equ 8192 ; Pad the kernel to this length
jmp start ; Skip over the function call index
align 16
dq b_input ; 0x0010
dq b_output ; 0x0018
dq b_smp_set ; 0x0020
dq b_smp_config ; 0x0028
dq b_mem_allocate ; 0x0030
dq b_mem_release ; 0x0038
dq b_net_tx ; 0x0040
dq b_net_rx ; 0x0048
dq b_disk_read ; 0x0050
dq b_disk_write ; 0x0058
dq b_system_config ; 0x0060
dq b_system_misc ; 0x0068
align 16
call init_64 ; After this point we are in a working 64-bit environment
call init_pci ; Initialize the PCI bus
call init_hdd ; Initialize the disk
call init_net ; Initialize the network
mov rsi, readymsg
mov rcx, 13
call b_output
; Copy the payload after the kernel to the proper address
mov rsi, 0x100000 + KERNELSIZE ; Payload starts right after the kernel
cmp qword [rsi], 0 ; Is there a payload after the kernel?
je ap_clear ; If not, skip to ap_clear
mov rdi, 0x1E0000
mov rcx, 2048
rep movsq ; Copy 16384 bytes
; Set the payload to run
mov qword [os_ClockCallback], init_process
; Fall through to ap_clear as align fills the space with No-Ops
; At this point the BSP is just like one of the AP's
align 16
ap_clear: ; All cores start here on first start-up and after an exception
cli ; Disable interrupts on this core
; Get local ID of the core
mov rsi, [os_LocalAPICAddress] ; We can't use b_smp_get_id as no configured stack yet
xor eax, eax ; Clear Task Priority (bits 7:4) and Task Priority Sub-Class (bits 3:0)
mov dword [rsi+0x80], eax ; APIC Task Priority Register (TPR)
mov eax, dword [rsi+0x20] ; APIC ID in upper 8 bits
shr eax, 24 ; Shift to the right and AL now holds the CPU's APIC ID
mov ebx, eax ; Save the APIC ID
; Set up the stack
shl rax, 21 ; Shift left 21 bits for a 2 MiB stack
add rax, [os_StackBase] ; The stack decrements when you "push", start at 2 MiB in
sub rax, 8
mov rsp, rax
; Clear the entry in the work table
mov eax, ebx ; Restore the APIC ID
mov rdi, os_cpu_work_table
shl rax, 4 ; Quick multiply by 16 to get to proper record
add rdi, rax
xor eax, eax
stosq ; Clear the code and data addresses
; Clear registers. Gives us a clean slate to work with
xor eax, eax ; aka r0
xor ecx, ecx ; aka r1
xor edx, edx ; aka r2
xor ebx, ebx ; aka r3
xor ebp, ebp ; aka r5, We skip RSP (aka r4) as it was previously set
xor esi, esi ; aka r6
xor edi, edi ; aka r7
xor r8, r8
xor r9, r9
xor r10, r10
xor r11, r11
xor r12, r12
xor r13, r13
xor r14, r14
xor r15, r15
sti ; Enable interrupts on this core
call b_smp_get_work ; Check for an assigned workload
cmp rax, 0 ; If 0 then there is nothing to do
jne ap_process
ap_halt: ; Halt until a wakeup call is received
jmp ap_check ; Core will jump to ap_check when it wakes up
call rax ; Run the code
jmp ap_clear ; Reset the stack, clear the registers, and wait for something else to work on
call b_smp_get_id ; Get the ID of the current core
mov rcx, rax
mov rax, 0x1E0000 ; Payload was copied here
call b_smp_set
mov qword [os_ClockCallback], 0 ; Clear the callback
; Includes
%include "init.asm"
%include "syscalls.asm"
%include "drivers.asm"
%include "interrupt.asm"
%include "sysvar.asm" ; Include this last to keep the read/write variables away from the code
times KERNELSIZE-($-$$) db 0 ; Set the compiled kernel binary to at least this size in bytes
; =============================================================================