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Pure C# HighLevel API for multiplayer games using .NET Standard 2.1

Made in Ukraine

Discord chat: Discord

Little Game Example on Unity



  • .NET Standard 2.1 and pure C# (but with some IL magic)
  • Can be used with Unity (2021.2 and later), Godot, Monogame or just pure .net
  • Can be used for creation any multiplayer game (2d,3d,4d,...)
  • Works with Unity IL2CPP
  • Epic speed
  • Lag compensation
  • Serialization of custom types (like strings,lists,arrays,jsons,etc)
  • Synchronized variables (with optional notifications on change)
  • Client-side prediction
  • Client-side spawn prediction (for projectiles)
  • Remote procedure calls (RPC) with compile-time checks
  • Client input system
  • Basic hierarchy system (childs, parent)
  • Controllers and Pawns concept
  • Interpolation system
  • Delta-compressed state synchronization and input
  • LZ4 compression of initial world state
  • Also works as game logic engine
  • LiteNetLib as default transport, but you can implement any other transport