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The Addon Helper Class doesn't provide a wrapper for every hook in LocateAnything. Here are some hooks you can use if needed.

Hook : locate_anything_marker_params

Description : Alters the "low level" params of the markers such as latitude, longitude, address, etc...before generation of the JSON.

[array] $marker_params : variables and respective values of the current marker [int] $map_id : Map ID
[int] $marker_id : marker ID
[string] $type : Post type (or 'user') or 'all'. Determines the scope.

Return : $marker_params


function alter_marker_params($marker_params,$marker_id,$map_id){  
	/* only for users */	
	if($post_params["post_type"]!=='user') return $post_params;	
	/* No latlon?*/
	if(empty($post_params["locate-anything-lat"]) || empty($post_params["locate-anything-lon"])) {		
	/* code  to get the lat/lon for marker... */
	return $marker_params

Hook : locate_anything_find_markers_query_args

Description : Alter parameters of the find query. Those parameters will be used in a query_posts call by LocateAnything_Tools::findSomething()

[array] $query_args : query parameters
[array] $settings : current map settings

Return : $query_args


function locate_anything_alter_query($query_args,$settings){
	if($settings['locate-anything-source']=="recipe") {
		$query_args['post_status'] = 'draft';
	return $query_args;
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