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Reviewable Enterprise

There's a version of Reviewable that runs on your own premises and can connect to your instance of GitHub Enterprise (GHE). Note that it has a somewhat atypical architecture that requires the use of external cloud services — please see the security overview for details.

If you're interested in a free trial, please get in touch! To issue a temporary license key we'll need two pieces of information from you first:

  1. A hub.docker.com username to be granted access to the image.
  2. The GHE username of the designated Reviewable license admin account; this account doesn't need to be a GHE admin or have any special permissions. If you're running GHE in private mode, we'll need the raw numeric user ID for the account instead. Here's how to find these.

If you already have a license, you'll want to explore the links below.

How to set up Reviewable on your premises
Security overview
Ops playbook
Open source server dependencies and client dependencies distributed with the image.
Default License Agreement template