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Return value of InteractionHelper::getButtonText() must be of the type string, null returned" (EXCEPTION) #271

tiNsLeY799 opened this Issue Jan 25, 2018 · 4 comments


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tiNsLeY799 commented Jan 25, 2018

PocketMine-MP 1.7dev-628 「[REDACTED]」 implementing API version 3.0.0-ALPHA10 for Minecraft: PE v1.2.7 (protocol version 160)
Most current version

Steps to reproduce the issue.

  1. Interact with block (tap, mine, etc..)
  2. Console spams with that error.

I decided, since the BlockIterator was killed, to disable the Endermen looking task. Now every time someone interacts with blocks, that happens.

[16:58:51] [Server thread/CRITICAL]: Could not pass event 'pocketmine\event\server\DataPacketReceiveEvent' to 'PureEntitiesX v0.2.8-3.alpha10': Return value of revivalpmmp\pureentities\InteractionHelper::getButtonText() must be of the type string, null returned on revivalpmmp\pureentities\event\EventListener
[16:58:51] [Server thread/CRITICAL]: TypeError: "Return value of revivalpmmp\pureentities\InteractionHelper::getButtonText() must be of the type string, null returned" (EXCEPTION) in "PureEntitiesX-/src/revivalpmmp/pureentities/InteractionHelper" at line 52
[16:58:51] [Server thread/DEBUG]: #0 PureEntitiesX-/src/revivalpmmp/pureentities/event/EventListener(119): revivalpmmp\pureentities\InteractionHelper::getButtonText(TheNewHEROBRINE\Murder\entity\MurderPlayer object)
[16:58:51] [Server thread/DEBUG]: #1 src/pocketmine/plugin/MethodEventExecutor(38): revivalpmmp\pureentities\event\EventListener->dataPacketReceiveEvent(pocketmine\event\server\DataPacketReceiveEvent object)
[16:58:51] [Server thread/DEBUG]: #2 src/pocketmine/plugin/RegisteredListener(98): pocketmine\plugin\MethodEventExecutor->execute(revivalpmmp\pureentities\event\EventListener object, pocketmine\event\server\DataPacketReceiveEvent object)
[16:58:51] [Server thread/DEBUG]: #3 src/pocketmine/plugin/PluginManager(721): pocketmine\plugin\RegisteredListener->callEvent(pocketmine\event\server\DataPacketReceiveEvent object)
[16:58:51] [Server thread/DEBUG]: #4 src/pocketmine/network/mcpe/PlayerNetworkSessionAdapter(91): pocketmine\plugin\PluginManager->callEvent(pocketmine\event\server\DataPacketReceiveEvent object)
[16:58:51] [Server thread/DEBUG]: #5 src/pocketmine/network/mcpe/protocol/BatchPacket(115): pocketmine\network\mcpe\PlayerNetworkSessionAdapter->handleDataPacket(pocketmine\network\mcpe\protocol\InventoryTransactionPacket object)
[16:58:51] [Server thread/DEBUG]: #6 src/pocketmine/network/mcpe/PlayerNetworkSessionAdapter(92): pocketmine\network\mcpe\protocol\BatchPacket->handle(pocketmine\network\mcpe\PlayerNetworkSessionAdapter object)
[16:58:51] [Server thread/DEBUG]: #7 src/pocketmine/Player(2964): pocketmine\network\mcpe\PlayerNetworkSessionAdapter->handleDataPacket(pocketmine\network\mcpe\protocol\BatchPacket object)
[16:58:51] [Server thread/DEBUG]: #8 src/pocketmine/network/mcpe/RakLibInterface(143): pocketmine\Player->handleDataPacket(pocketmine\network\mcpe\protocol\BatchPacket object)
[16:58:51] [Server thread/DEBUG]: #9 vendor/pocketmine/raklib/server/ServerHandler(103): pocketmine\network\mcpe\RakLibInterface->handleEncapsulated(string, raklib\protocol\EncapsulatedPacket object, integer 0)
[16:58:51] [Server thread/DEBUG]: #10 src/pocketmine/network/mcpe/RakLibInterface(84): raklib\server\ServerHandler->handlePacket()
[16:58:51] [Server thread/DEBUG]: #11 src/pocketmine/network/Network(89): pocketmine\network\mcpe\RakLibInterface->process()
[16:58:51] [Server thread/DEBUG]: #12 src/pocketmine/Server(2527): pocketmine\network\Network->processInterfaces()
[16:58:51] [Server thread/DEBUG]: #13 src/pocketmine/Server(2279): pocketmine\Server->tick()
[16:58:51] [Server thread/DEBUG]: #14 src/pocketmine/Server(2154): pocketmine\Server->tickProcessor()
[16:58:51] [Server thread/DEBUG]: #15 src/pocketmine/Server(1742): pocketmine\Server->start()
[16:58:51] [Server thread/DEBUG]: #16 src/pocketmine/PocketMine(553): pocketmine\Server->__construct(BaseClassLoader object, pocketmine\utils\MainLogger object, string C:\Users\Tinsley\PocketMine-MP-master\, string C:\Users\Tinsley\PocketMine-MP-master\plugins\)
[16:58:51] [Server thread/DEBUG]: #17 C:/Users/Tinsley/PocketMine-MP-master/PocketMine-MP.phar(1): require(string phar://C:/Users/Tinsley/PocketMine-MP-master/PocketMine-MP.phar/src/pocketmine/PocketMine.php)

samalero added a commit to samalero/PureEntitiesX that referenced this issue Jan 25, 2018

@samalero samalero referenced this issue Jan 25, 2018


Fixing #271 #272

6 of 6 tasks complete

@95CivicSi 95CivicSi changed the title from Now this happens. to Return value of InteractionHelper::getButtonText() must be of the type string, null returned" (EXCEPTION) Jan 25, 2018

@95CivicSi 95CivicSi self-assigned this Jan 25, 2018


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Adam1609 commented Jan 25, 2018

This error has been caused lagging since the BlockIterator is gone, maybe we should rebuild the BlockIterator again in order to keep going


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95CivicSi commented Jan 25, 2018

@Adam1609 No, the best way to solve this problem and #266 is to replace usage of BlockIterator with VoxelRayTrace (pmmp/PocketMine-MP@71d11c7) and update all related items in PureEntitiesX.

Additionally, the BlockIterator removal is part of the development branch of PocketMine-MP and has not been released yet. The most recent release of PocketMine-MP can be found here:

The most recent release (dev-516) is compatible with the current client versions (1.2.9 as of this post) and the PureEntitiesX release on Poggit. If these issues are causing significant lag on your server, you should consider reverting your PocketMine-MP file to the released version.

95CivicSi added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 26, 2018

Fixing #271 (#272)
* Fixing #271

* My bad...)

Thanks @samalero!

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95CivicSi commented Jan 26, 2018

Fixed in 56f715d

@95CivicSi 95CivicSi closed this Jan 26, 2018


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tiNsLeY799 commented Jan 27, 2018

Thank you.

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