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RevoEnhancements is an R package that adds functionality and utility functions to RevoScaleR. All functions require, and are enhancements to, Revolution R Enterprise.

Additional functionality

Base R Compatability

  • Functions to expand model formulas, e.g. expanding y~. into all dependent variables in the XDF file

Summarising Big Data for easy graphics visualization

  • rxHexBin - hexagonal binning
  • rxBoxPlot

Big Data Mining

  • Discretization and tree discretization
  • Sampling from an XDF into a data frame
  • Calculating test statistics, e.g. accuracy, recall and F1-score

Statistical testing

  • KS statistic
  • t-test


  • Decision trees (plot.rxDTree)
  • Decision forests (plot.rxDTree)


You can use the devtools package to install RevoEnhancements directly from github.

install_github("RevoEnhancements", "RevoEnhancements")

RevoEnhancements imports some packages from CRAN, e.g. package hexbin. To install dependencies from CRAN, use:


To demonstrate how to use the code, we also use some examples with ggplot2 and mlbench. To install these suggested packages, use:

install.packages(c("ggplot2", "mlbench"))