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Compatibility testing for rmr 2.0.1

Please contribute with additional reports. To claim compatibility you need to run R CMD check path-to-rmr successfully. If you build your own Hadoop, see Which Hadoop for rmr. If you are interested in the compatibility chart for other releases, choose one from the drop down menu. on the top left. Not every release gets a complete round of testing, so typically a bug fix release (change in the third number only) is more compatible than the previous release, even if we don't have the resource to test it directly.

Hadoop R OS Notes Reporter
CDH4.1.1 Revolution R 6.0 CentOS 5.6 64-bit, mr1 only Revolution
CDH3u5 Revolution R 6.0 CentOS 5.6 64-bit Revolution
Apache Hadoop 1.0.4 Revolution R 6.0 CentOS 5.6 64-bit Revolution
MapR 2.0.1 Revolution R 6.0 CentOS 6.2 64-bit MapR
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