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Download The Latest Official RHadoop Releases

We are limiting the listed downloads to the most recent stable version to simplify things and prevent people from downloading obsolete versions (and we say that from experience). If you have a very strong reason to want to install an old version, though, there is a way.

  1. Clone the repo for the package you need
  2. git tag
  3. find the tag corresponding to the version you want
  4. git checkout <that-tag>
  5. R CMD build <path-to-rmr/pkg>

From the web interface:

  1. Go to repo for the package you need (for rmr < 2.0 go to the now retired RHadoop repo)
  2. In the Code tab there is a tag link somewhere in the upper right corner
  3. Select release of interest and download
  4. Unzip
  5. R CMD build <path-to-rmr/pkg>

Either way, you can now continue with normal installation instructions

Prerequisites and Installation

See the package specific pages: