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  • Hadoop

    • A working Hadoop cluster is required
    • All there packages were developed and tested on CDH3 standalone, and CDH3 distributed
    • Make sure that the environment variables HADOOP_HOME and HADOOP_CONF are properly set. Examples:
  • R

    • For the 'rhdfs' and 'rhbase' packages, we recommend you install R on the 'name' node of the Hadoop cluster.
    • For the 'rmr' package, install R on each node in the Hadoop cluster.
    • All three packages were tested with R 2.13.1
  • Package Dependencies

    • The 'rhdfs' package is dependent on the pakage rJava.
    • The 'rmr' package is dependent on the packages RJSONIO, itertools and digest
  • Library Dependencies

    • The 'rhbase' package requires the Thrift library. For more information, refer to the wiki page rhbase


  1. Download each R package
  2. Enter the command: R CMD INSTALL 'package filename'
  3. Load the package in the R console Important: The 'rmr' package must be installed on each node of the Hadoop cluster.

Experimental RHadoop Development builds

The following versions are experimental and built from the ‘dev’ branch


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