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This R package provides basic connectivity to HBASE, using the Thrift server. R programmers can browse, read, write, and modify files stored in HDFS. The following functions are part of this package

  • Table Maninpulation, hb.delete.table, hb.describe.table, hb.set.table.mode, hb.regions.table
  • Read/Write
    hb.insert, hb.get, hb.delete,,, hb.scan
  • Utility
  • Initialization
    hb.defaults, hb.init

Installing the rhbase package

  • Installing the package requires that you first install and build Thrift. Once you have the libraries built, be sure they are in a path where the R client can find them (i.e. /usr/lib)
  • Also, the rhbase package defaults to looking for a Thrift server on localhost port 9090. If you are running on a different port you will have to change how the package is initialized

    hb.init(host=, port=9090)

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