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This release of Revolution R Open fixes some bugs, and uses the same R engine as RRO 8.0.1. We recommend upgrading to this version if you are experiencing any of the issues listed in the “Fixed bugs” section.


  • Based on R-3.1.2
  • On Windows and Linux platforms, use of the Intel MKL is now optional. Download the MKL Math Library installer separately and install to enable multi-threaded math on these platforms. (On Mac, the Accelerate Framework is always used.)

Fixed bugs

An issue with missing library files (libRlapack.dylib) on Mac has been resolved (#88)

Known issues

The RRO GUI (RRO.app) on OS X fails whenever you attempt to load a package that launches a tcltk window (for example, the HH package). To work around this issue, use R in a terminal window or another IDE such as RStudio for these packages. [Issue #107]

devtools::install_github may fail with the error "error in running command" on Ubuntu. To work around this issue, set options(unzip = 'internal') before calling install_githib. (See #37 and r-lib/devtools#406 )

With the MKL libraries installed, many commands cause a crash when using RRO within RStudio on Windows. To workaround this issue, you can replace your Rprofile.site file as follows: (Issue #119)

  1. Create a back up copy of your Rprofile.site file found here: C:\Program Files\RRO\R-3.1.2\etc\Rprofile.site.
  2. Download an updated copy of Rprofile.site.
  3. Save the downloaded copy of Rprofile.site to the directory C:\Program Files\RRO\R-3.1.2\etc.
  4. In the Copy File dialog, choose Copy and Replace.
  5. In the Destination Folder Access Denied dialog, click Continue.
  6. Restart RStudio.

Download the binaries

Visit http://mran.revolutionanalytics.com/download/ to download the binary distribution.