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That's right, as promised, here is the long-awaited midsummer Thrive release!

For the Windows release try the mirror: https://mega.co.nz/#!JEZw2RCR!trX-_MyZZwrFL0xx7CxW9siEqAb8DVQDFEc93fae7kY
And for the Linux release scroll down.

New Features
  • All the features from the previous release
  • Multiple AI species! Other types of microbe all swimming around, and it's easy for modders to add new ones too!
  • Predation! Feed on the flesh of murdered microbes!
  • Saving and loading microbes! Wanna share your latest and greatest creations? Well now you can send your friends more than just a screenshot!
  • Mutation Points! Now making it slightly more annoying to make a giant microbe!
  • Photosynthesis! A new Chloroplast organelle that converts CO2 from new CO2 emitters (and water, from our invisible water infini-emitters) into Glucose and Oxygen, for all your energy needs!
  • Zooming in and out! Wanna keep an eye on the microbes spawning near you? Need more space to make ever-larger microbe monstrosities? Well, we've got the zoom for you!
  • Point mouse to turn
  • WASD to move around
  • Mouse scrollwheel to zoom
  • E to release toxins (if you have any)
  • P in editor to place chloroplast
  • ESC to bring up menu.
  • F1 to toggle alternate reality (Debugging feature)
  • ` to bring up console (Debugging feature)
  • F2 to switch between microbe stage and microbe editor
  • F4 to save your current gamestate
  • F10 to load your previous saved gamestate.
Coming Soon

Work is on progress on a new GUI, which isn't ready yet, which is why there is no Chloroplast button in the editor. Expect another release in a few weeks with the new GUI, sound effects and whatever else we manage to do in the meantime. For the more distant future we are working on updating microbe graphics with a dynamic cell membrane, population dynamics and more!