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@TheCreator-- TheCreator-- released this Feb 12, 2017 · 1685 commits to master since this release

We might have missed the planned Christmas release date (and then the replanned New Years one), but we are finally here with Thrive version 0.3.3. It features a ton of frequently requested features, such as the reproduction and health systems and auto evo. Due to changes on the backend, we have also expanded our support for more players out there.

Lastly, I'd like to publicly acknowledge crodnu, our newest programmer, who's responsible for nearly half of the features listed below.

In this release:

  • This release features a new GUI. We've been working on it for the last couple of month and it looks absolutely amazing. Many of the unnecessarily clunky elements have been removed to create a minimalistic and intuitive GUI. It is still a work in progress with some of the buttons not working, but it is a base that we will be able to expand on for the next releases.
  • Mass—Previously, large cells weighed the same as smaller ones. Now, each hex has a given mass, and as a result, larger cells move slower and need more flagella to propel them.
  • Auto Evo's primitive cousin: Random Evo. The tide pool is now filled with new creatures that will try to kill you with agents and phagocytosis and will mutate every time you exit the editor. Currently, there is no intelligence behind their decisions, so it's easy to get abominations of nature, but it's a step in the right direction.
  • Reproduction System. Reproductase, a fictional compound and one of the main critiques we have about the cell stage, is finally gone! To reproduce you need to divide each of your organelles into two and then duplicate the DNA in your nucleus. Each organelle currently needs 2 glucose and 1 amino acids (made from 1 glucose and 1 ammonia) to split in half. In other words, make sure your glucose (white clouds) store is always above 16 and your ammonia (yellow clouds) store is above 12 and you'll be fine.
  • Health System—you can now replenish lost health by getting amino acids and glucose. Damaged organelles will shrink and healthy organelles will grow.
  • AMD graphics card support. We changed all of our shaders to glsl, so all those of you who don't have NVidia cards can finally enjoy the game's graphics. This broke some features (such as membrane tinting) that we couldn't fix for this release, but glsl shaders will allow us to create much better graphics in the future.
  • Minor changes in compound availability between biomes.
  • Linux is now simpler to set up.
  • We're aware of occasional random crashes. We're not sure what's causing them and they appear fairly infrequently. If you have one, take a screenshot of the console and send it our way so we can work on fixing them for next release.


  • Point mouse to turn
  • WASD to move around
  • Mouse scroll wheel (or +/- keys) to zoom
  • E to release toxins (if you have any)
  • G to engulf other cells (you must be bigger in size)
  • ESC to bring up menu.
  • F2 to switch between microbe stage and microbe editor
  • F4 to save game
  • F10 to load previously saved game
  • ESC to save a genus name change


Click here to read a more in-depth devblog about this release. It talks about everything we've been working on, as well as other unrelated stuff.


As usual, we also have a trailer showing off some of the new features. If your version of the game has a significant graphical difference to this, it's a bug so you should notify us by posting here.


Version 0.3.4 will focus on fixing many bugs and ironing out current game play. We will add a freebuild editor (unlimited mutation points) and allow you to change your membrane color. However, the main feature will be moving much of the lua code to C++. This will reduce lag and prepare everything for agents and a CPA system in 0.4.0 and beyond. A second focus will be to fix the process system, which doesn't work as quick and isn't as robust as it should be (which you will probably notice while trying to reproduce).

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