Dockerfile for creating syncthing image on armv7 architecture(for Orange Pi, Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi and such).
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My dockerized syncthing container for ARM platform. Syncthing is a distributed file synchronization solution. Visit The purpost of creating this image was a project I created on the weekend. You can read about the project here:


Personally, I created this project to run this container on my Orange Pi and take a daily backup of all my mobile data. You may wish to add your discovery servers for global discovery or maybe add relay server too.

The web interface is available on port 8080 and by default there is no authentication to access it.




  • -v /home/syncthing/syncthing_data:/tmp/

The syncthing container stores all the synchronised data inside /home/syncthing/syncthing_data folder. You may wish to mount this folder onto the host machine.


Clone the repo and go to the repo folder:

git clone
cd Crypt-arm-syncthing

Build the docker image.

docker build -t synct .

Run the container

docker run -d -p 22000:22000 -p 22020:22020 -p 8080:8080 -p 21027:21027/udp --name syncthing -v /media/crypt/BackUp/:/home/syncthing/syncthing_data  synct