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A bot for sending reminders about birthdays on Telegram.
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This repository contains a Telegram bot which allows for adding birthdays and receiving reminders. I wrote this as a solution to my inability to remember birthdays and as an alternative to cluttering my calendar.


Required packages

Python3 is required. Use of a virtualenv is encouraged.

Install the required packages:

pip install Flask
pip install telepot

Generating a token

Use telegram's @BotFather to generate a token for your bot and store it in token.txt. If you wish, you can put your own chat_id in maintainer.txt for debugging.

Setting up your web url and generating logging.conf.

Put the weburl (without /) in weburl.txt. Make a copy of logging.conf-example and change the path to the logfile.

Setting up your webserver.

Look at apache2.conf for an example file you can place in your sites-available folder (under a different name). I recommend generating certificates using letsencrypt.

Testing your birthdaybot.

You can test your birthdaybot by going to{token}/updates. This will attempt to retrieve updates from telegram and process them. This will become unavailable once your webhook is set up.

Setting up your webhook.

You can set up the webhook by navigating to{token}/initwebhook. You can deactivate the webhook by navigating to{token}/deletewebhook. You can get information about the webhook by going to{token}/showwebhook.

Setting up a cronjob.

You can hook the file into a cronjob.


Feel free to make contributions. This was just a small fun project and not at all an attempt to make serious software.

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