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Commits on Apr 13, 2012
  1. Duarte Duarte

    Core/BG: When starting a battleground teleport the player to start lo…

    DDuarte authored
    …cation if it goes outside of the allowed "waiting" area (for example, getting out of the "bubble" in EotS)
    Allowed waiting area is calculated as the distance specified in database (battleground_template.StartMaxDist) and the battleground start point for each team
    A distance of 0 is ignored (not used in SotA nor arenas)
    The values in DB might need some tweaks, open a pull request if you calculate better ones
    Closes #180
    Initial patch and idea by Rat
    Also added validation (DBError log) to some fields in battleground_template table
  2. Sebastian Valle

    Core/Spells: Prevent Siphon Life from proccing on Corruption apply.

    Subv authored
    Closes #6150
    Signed-off-by: Subv <>
  3. Shauren

    Scripts/Icecrown Citadel

    Shauren authored
    * Fixed Professor Putricide Tear Gas stunning himself
    * Fixed visual of Unstable Experiment
    * Fixed oozes not picking new targets after hitting old
    * Fixed Gas Cloud not using melee attack
    * Removed ooze summon position hack
    Closes #4301
    Closes #2726
    Closes #5119
    Closes #4464
    Closes #2874
    Closes #4407
    Closes #2421
    Closes #4899
  4. kandera
  5. Sebastian Valle
  6. kandera

    DB: various db fixes from patches. authors are mentioned above the pa…

    kandera authored
    …tches. closes #2169, closes #3344, closes #4162, closes #3530, closes #5982, closes #5849, closes #6098, closes #5569, closes #5493, closes #5510, closes #5470, closes #5408, closes #5406, closes #4875, closes #5457, closes #4467, closes #4043, closes #3899, closes #3859, closes #3518. signed off by nayd
  7. Shauren

    Core/Movement: Changed casting check in TargetedMovementGenerator to …

    Shauren authored
    …be able to freely manipulate cast+move interaction in scripts
  8. Duarte Duarte

    DB/SAI: Revert some mistakes in SAI db data (target_types were added …

    DDuarte authored
    …to action_param6; contiguous fields)
    Please, don't do this error.
  9. Sebastian Valle

    Core/Loading: Make GameObject loot loading faster by removing an unne…

    Subv authored
    …eded call to an expensive method.
    Thanks Manuel for pointing it out
  10. Sebastian Valle

    Core/Spells: You should not be able to cast Create Healthstone if you…

    Subv authored
    … already have one in your inventory
    Closes #1498
    Signed-off-by: Subv <>
Commits on Apr 12, 2012
  1. Sebastian Valle

    Core/Spells: Apply Lifebloom's final bloom bonus from Empowered Rejuv…

    Subv authored
    …enation also on expire. thanks @3kids for noticing
  2. kandera
  3. kandera
  4. Kaelima

    Core/Script: Use DoMeleeAttackIfReady in default ScriptedAI::UpdateAI…

    kaelima authored
    … method (fixes offhand attacks if not UpdateAI is overridden)
  5. Shauren

    Removed unused file

    Shauren authored
  6. kandera
  7. Machiavelli
  8. Sebastian Valle

    Core/Spells: Fixed Lifebloom's final bloom benefit from Empowered Rej…

    Subv authored
    closes #244
    Signed-off-by: Subv <>
  9. Sebastian Valle

    Spells/Scripts: Allow OnEffectAbsorb to call PreventDefaultAction in …

    Subv authored
    closes #6172
    Signed-off-by: Subv <>
  10. Sebastian Valle
  11. Machiavelli

    Core/Commands: Remove recently defunct .hover command. All this spell…

    Machiavell1 authored
    … did before hoverheight changes was .cast/.unaura spell 11010. And since we do not have .autoattack, .steadyshot, .heroicstrike, .shootwand etc. either, there's no place for this command in the core (there never was).
  12. Kaelima
  13. Sebastian Valle
  14. Kaelima

    DB/Spell Bonus Data: Fix more spell power stacking exploits (items & …

    kaelima authored
    Thanks Hitplusone, amort and SignFinder for the list
    Closes #1701
Commits on Apr 11, 2012
  1. Sebastian Valle

    Core/Spells: Corrected Rupture critical hits, it wont make other dots…

    Subv authored
    … (incorrectly) crit any longer
    Signed-off-by: Subv <>
  2. Alexander Kaelima

    DB/Spell Bonus Data:

    tobmaps authored kaelima committed
    - Set 0 values for some spells that should never scale with spell power. If some have been left out please report an issue.
    - Set 20% ap coefficient for Howling Blast
    Closes #6163
    Closes #4166
    Closes #436
  3. Kaelima

    DB/WDB: Remove temp entry 68686 and replace with existing wdbverified

    kaelima authored
    (doesnt really fix anything, just for the sake of using proper entries)
  4. Kaelima
  5. Sebastian Valle

    Core/Spells: Execute spell procs after the healing effects of a spell

    Subv authored
    Closes #216
    Signed-off-by: Subv <>
  6. Sebastian Valle

    Battlegrounds/WS: Fixed doors

    Subv authored
    Closes #6170
    Signed-off-by: Subv <>
  7. Shauren
  8. Machiavelli
  9. Shauren

    Core: Fixed warning C4263: 'bool Creature::SetDisableGravity(bool,boo…

    Shauren authored
    …l)' : member function does not override any base class virtual member function
  10. Andrew Vermie Machiavelli

    dead code

    vermie authored Machiavell1 committed
  11. Andrew Vermie Machiavelli

    Scripts/Karazhan/Midnight: Fix timer logic

    vermie authored Machiavell1 committed
    Signed-off-by: Machiavelli <>
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