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( Single Celled Organisms Undergo Rapid Growth Enhancement )

Quick link to the 2010 prototype

Scourge is a derivative of Fungus, a game produced by Ryan Koopmans with Jason Whong in 1992. Its core game mechanics are reminiscent of the rules of Go, Reversi, Tetris and Blokus. It is a fun and ruthless game that builds players' resolve and strains their friendships.

Scourge is written in Haxe, a highly versatile language that can compile to many, many platforms.

Scourge is written on top of a framework called Praxis, which I'm developing simultaneously. While Praxis primarily must support Scourge, it is designed to support the development of all sorts of turn-based games. At some point after Scourge is up and running, Praxis will receive the attention it needs to stand alone as a separate project.

Project Goals

I intend to achieve several things with this project:

  • Create a game with the same mechanics and gameplay on all platforms targetable by OpenFL
  • Structure the development of the game with a unit testing framework (in this case, MassiveUnit... stop giggling)
  • Create a game framework called Praxis that can be used to represent a large number of turn-based games
  • Ressurect the Fungus game variety, and expand on it with new and compelling game mechanics
  • Tell a compelling story with non-human characters
  • Release a game that costs money, but whose source code is freely accessible
  • Write computer opponents of various types
  • Create a game view that is based on OpenGL-style graphics APIs on multiple platforms
  • Create a game whose rules may be highly configurable at runtime
  • Implement multiplayer game support across all platforms, including chat support and multiplayer game configuration


If you have an interest in this project, please contact me.


The source for Scourge and Praxis is released under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Scourge and Praxis are trademarks of Jeremy Sachs. Blerp.


A Haxe-based adaptation of the classic Mac game, Fungus.




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