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It does what it says!

This Skript addon requires:

  • Votifier (obviously)
  • Java 8


Vote Receive Event

Called every time votifier receives a vote.

on [(any|every|raw)] [votifier] vote receiv(e|ed)

on [(any|every|raw)] votifier vote

This event has access to: event-vote

Online Player Vote Event

Called when an online player votes for the server.

on [online] [player] vote

This event has access to: event-player and event-vote


All of the available expressions from this addon are properties of event-vote.

Vote Website

The server list name from where the vote was cast.

([web]site|server[ ]list|service) [name] of event-vote

Voter Username

The voter's submitted username.

[(voter|sender)] user[(-| )]name of event-vote

Voter IP Address

The IP address used when the voter submitted their vote.

[(voter|sender)] [ip(-| )]address of event-vote

Vote Timestamp

The timestamp from when the vote was cast.

[(voter|sender)] time[(-| )]stamp of event-vote

Example Script

# This voter is online!
on vote:

    broadcast "&6&l&oVote! &e%username of event-vote% voted on &f&n%website of event-vote%"
    send "&6Congrats&7, %username of event-vote%!" to event-player

# The voter may or may not be online...
on votifier vote:

    send "&9Received a vote." to console
    send "&7-&f Username: %username of event-vote%" to console
    send "&7-&f Website: %server list of event-vote%" to console
    send "&7-&f Address: %ip address of event-vote%" to console
    send "&7-&f Timestamp: %timestamp of event-vote%" to console