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Proxmark3 client for Android

Rdv4.0 has support for an extra serial like serial2bluetooth via the FPC connector. One important step is to have the proxmark3 client compiled for android. Many has tried (proxdroid) and other choose to build a app and replace the pm3 client (project walrus). The offical proxmark3 wiki has a great page about different ports. We also recommend reading proxmark forum - android section

Luckily for us, @bogito has success in doing this by using termux.

Follow these steps to compile the rdv40 fork in termux:


  • Under a debian-based Linux system:
    • git clone
    • cd termux-packages
    • Run ./scripts/ to install required packages and setup the /data/ folder
    • Run ./scripts/ to install the Android SDK and NDK at $HOME/lib/android-{sdk,ndk}
    • Run ./ ncurses to build the ncurses package
    • Copy ./debs/ncurses_6.1.20180203_aarch64.deb to the storage of the Android device
  • Install termux in Android device from google play
  • Under termux:
    • apt update
    • apt upgrade
    • pkg install make, clang, clang++, readline-dev, libclang-dev, libc++, git
    • dpkg -i ncurses_6.1.20180203_aarch64.deb
    • git clone
    • cd proxmark3
    • edit ./client/Makefile and append "-fPIC" in the CFLAGS variable (line 30)
    • make clean && make client
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