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# CVE‑2019‑5678: The Vulnerability Title
# CVE‑2019‑5678: Command Injection in Nvidia GeForce Experience Web Helper

## Information
**Description:** This vulnerability allows execution of arbitrary commands on a system with the NVIDIA GeForce Experience (GFE) prior to version 3.19 installed. This can be achieved by convincing a victim to visit a crafted web site and make a few key presses. This is possible due to command injection which was discovered in a local NodeJS server which GFE launches on startup.
@@ -16,4 +16,4 @@ By convincing a user into pressing CTRL+V+Enter it is possible to force an uploa
Visit the proof of concept HTML page in Chrome and press the keys to trigger it.

### Screenshot
![Alt-text that shows up on hover](poc_image.gif)
![Alt-text that shows up on hover](poc_image.gif)

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