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CVE-2019-0227: Apache Axis 1.4 Remote Code Execution


Description: This allows remote code execution on an Apache Axis 1.4 server if it is on the same network as the attacker.
Versions Affected: 1.4
Researcher: David Yesland ( @daveysec)
Disclosure Link:

Proof-of-Concept Exploit


The default service StockQuoteService.jws that comes with Axis contains a hard coded HTTP URL which can be used to trigger an HTTP request. This exploit performs a MITM attack using ARP poisoning against the server and redirects the HTTP request to a malicious web server which performs a redirect to the localhost of the Axis server and uses this to launch a malicious service which is then used to write and execute a JSP file on the server.


The exploit uses ARP poisoning to redirect an HTTP requests from the server so you need to be on the same network as the server. Using fill in the necessary variables. Run python payload.jsp where payload.jsp is whatever payload you want to write and execute on the server.


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