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A SAS macro for generating a concise summary of every variable in a SAS dataset.
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This repo contains SAS® code for producing a PDF summary of each variable in a dataset. Each variable summary is confined to a 1" tall strip, allowing for 9 variables to be summarized on a page.

Metadata is provided for each variable in bold text. This metadata includes the variable's name, label, type, and (if applicable) format.

Below the metadata are the number of non-missing values, the number of missing values, and the number of unique values.

Continuous variables are summarized graphically using a combination histogram/boxplot. Continuous variables are also summarized tabularly using the mean, standard deviation, min, max, median, and quartiles.

sas-codebook continuous example

Categorical variables are summarized graphically using horizontal bar charts (or dot plots). Categorical variables are also summarized tabularly using counts and percents.

sas-codebook categorical example

For more details about the SAS code see the Wiki.

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