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This repository contains simple example code to help users get started with Rhoeby Dynamics products.


This program does the following:

  • connects to the R2D Scanner
  • starts the scanner
  • recieves and plots the scan data

How to build and run

Build the example program in Linux (eg. Ubuntu on a PC):

sudo gcc r2d_radar_plot.c -o r2d_radar_plot -lm

Connect scanner via USB

- plug in scanner
- type 'lsusb', you should see something like: "Bus 002 Device 074: ID 0483:5740 STMicroelectronics"
- confirm sensor blue LED is flashing
- you could verify *binary* data flow from the scanner, type: 'cat /dev/ttyACM0' (use Ctrl-C to exit)

To run (after plugging in the Rhoeby R2D Scanner to the USB port on your Linux PC):

sudo chmod 777 /dev/ttyACM0


Screenshot of program output:

The program updates the console each time the scan completes.