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Rhombus Oracles

Local testing

Run truffle unbox RhombusNetwork/lighthouse-local from your command line. More information here:


Rhombus lighthouse contracts are easy destinations for Oracle data. Designed to be updated at maximum gas efficiency, lighthouses are able to be interrogated to reveal the data, when it was updated and a nonce.

The folder contains the interface and implementation of the Lighthouse oracle service.

More information at our docmentation:

Demo Apps

Ten Cents a Minute

TenCentsAMinute uses a Lighthouse oracle to register subscriptions to a video feed. Check out the code inside the folder for more info.

Daily Allowance

DailyAllowance uses a Lighthouse oracle to regularly pay into a contract depending on external exchange rates

Bar Shop

Bar Shop uses a Lighthouse oracle to deliver price of gold upon request to purchase a ERC721-insured Gold Bar

Possible data types

  • <INT> means you can interpret the return value as-is. For example, '0x000..0001e' is 30

  • <DECIMAL> means the value is an integer multiplied by 1*10^18. For example, we deliver 0.000855256908423019 as 855256908423019, which is represented as '0x0000....000309da0437df6b' in a bytes32 or uint128 return value.

  • <STRING> can be any ASCII string of length 16. For example, '0x00..0059656c6c6f77' is 'Yellow'.

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