In-progress, slow-moving draft of a lousy game inspired by Greed Corp
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In-progress, slow-moving draft of a lousy game inspired by Greed Corp: Build

Work remaining

In no particular order:

  • Convert serialized data into some sort of dump for visualization/debug
  • Tweak BFS into something a-star-ish
  • Determination of whether or not a particular player has pieces remaining
  • Destruction of a hex due to its height being reduced by one (e.g. mining)
  • Destruction of a hex with "splash" destroying linked marginal hexes
  • Process a player's start of turn, including height and resource per mining
  • Enumerate/label units/resources which have not "moved" yet this turn
  • Commands/actions represented as S-expressions
  • Output of S-expression commands/actions
  • Input of S-expression commands/actions
  • Command/action enumeration and then subsequent processing
    • Movement of walker, possibly with attack
    • Creation of base
    • Building of new walkers
    • And so on, which will require replaying the original game a bit
  • Wire up a REPL along with the dotty wackiness to permit manual driving
    • Look into interacting via Guile
    • Look into rolling my own and wrap with rlwrap
  • Clean up and refactor (e.g. split headers from implementation files)
  • Hashing functions could use some love.
  • Nicer backtraces?
  • Monkey around a bit and determine next steps


  • Graphviz undirected neato layout seems to do something sane (see below)
  • Should be able to use height to scale size
  • Should be able to output to SVG with minor piping work
  • Might be able to embed that SVG within an autoreloading web page (or some other 'live' viewer)
strict graph G {
    graph [layout=neato overlap=true]
    node [shape=hexagon height=0.2 width=0.2 fontsize=10]

    hn  [fillcolor=red style=filled width=0.2 height=0.2]

    # Group1
    h00  --  hen
    h00  --  hes
    h00  --  hn
    h00  --  hs
    h00  --  hwn
    h00  --  hws
    hen  --  hes
    hn   --  hen
    hn   --  hwn
    hs   --  hes
    hs   --  hws
    hwn  --  hws

    # Group2
    ah00  --  ahen
    ah00  --  ahes
    ah00  --  ahn
    ah00  --  ahs
    ah00  --  ahwn
    ah00  --  ahws
    ahen  --  ahes
    ahn   --  ahen
    ahn   --  ahwn
    ahs   --  ahes
    ahs   --  ahws
    ahwn  --  ahws

    # Aux
    hen    --  henes  --  hes
    hwn    --  hwnws  --  hws
    hws    --  hwss   --  hs
    hwnws  --  foo    --  hws
    foo    --  hwss

    # Linkage
    hes -- ahwn