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Immature Xenomorphs (Egg) Facehugger Chestburster Chestburster Chestburster (Egg) Facehugger Chestburster Chestburster Chestburster
Default Evolving Xenomorphs Drone Warrior Praetorian Queen Drone Warrior Praetorian Queen
Animal Evolving Xenomorphs Runner Runner Warrior Crusher Runner Runner Warrior Crusher
Other Xenomorphs Spitter
entity.avp.Aqua Spitter
Xenomorph-like Organsims
Goo-based Creatures and Mutants Shark Mutant Yautja Shark Mutant Yautja
Predators (Predator) Yautja (Predator) Yautja
Engineers Jockey Jockey
Humans and Synthetics Synthetic Synthetic

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