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Cleaned up the stun baton item.

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Ri5ux committed Oct 23, 2017
1 parent 6a60f58 commit 8892186ead6207831515e5dae41964d37fb20d5e
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@@ -22,19 +22,18 @@
public class ItemStunBaton extends ItemSword
// TODO: Fix this, the ToolMaterial passed into this constructor is DIAMOND,
// didnt know what custom material to put, n dont wanna make a new one that
// might not be what u guys want
public ItemStunBaton(ToolMaterial material)
public ItemStunBaton()
// TODO: Find out if this is a proper max damage. Remove this if a damage is
// specified later by a custom material
this.maxStackSize = 1;
public float getDamageVsEntity()
return 6.0F;
// TODO: adjust these particles once MDX is added to the dev
// environment
public boolean onLeftClickEntity(ItemStack stack, EntityPlayer player, Entity entity)

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