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Accidentally overwrote the file with redstone flux's mcmod…

….info file.
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Ri5ux Ri5ux
Ri5ux authored and Ri5ux committed Jul 15, 2019
1 parent 73a167f commit d23fae039164a6f32bd377173ae41f20604ecf21
Showing with 15 additions and 19 deletions.
  1. +15 −19 src/main/resources/
@@ -1,19 +1,15 @@
"modid": "redstoneflux",
"name": "Redstone Flux",
"description": "The Redstone Flux API - the cornerstone of Energy Transfer in modded Minecraft since 1.6.4.",
"version": "${version}",
"credits": "Team CoFH",
"logoFile": "assets/redstoneflux/textures/logo.png",
"mcversion": "${mc_version}",
"url": "",
"updateUrl": "",
"authorList": [ "Team CoFH" ],
"parent": "",
"screenshots": [],
"dependencies": [
"modid": "avp",
"name": "AliensVsPredator",
"description": "Contains content from several movie series, including the Alien, Predator, Aliens Vs Predator, and Prometheus series. The mod adds countless blocks, items, and mobs to the world of Minecraft for you to start Building Better Worlds(TM). ",
"version": "${version}",
"mcversion": "${mcversion}",
"url": "",
"changelogUrl": "",
"authorList": ["Ri5ux", "Cybercat5555"],
"credits": "HassanS6000",
"logoFile": "",
"screenshots": [],
"requiredMods": [],
"dependencies": ["mdxlib"]

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