See whether or not an image on imgur is animated, how long is the animation and what is the image format.
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#anti-scamaz Anti-scamaz is a Chrome extension that analyzes every imgur link and detects animated JPG/PNG images.

It displays:

  1. Real image format: [GIF, JPG, PNG...]
  2. Animated: [Yes/No]
  3. Duration in seconds (if animated)
  4. WutFace Alert about scamaz images (JPG, PNG...) that are animated gifs in disguise.

Duration lets you know when a gif loops, so that you don't get tricked into showing a dick live on stream.

It looks like this:


Short Video Demonstration (stream safe ❤)


Links from the video

Safe for stream, but you can preview them here.

  1. - PNG direct link
  2. - GIF direct link
  3. - GIF on imgur page
  4. - fake animated JPG (scamaz)




saevae (CSS)


Chrome extension:


You can hover your mouse pointer over the image status to make sure that it's not photoshopped in:

How it works

As soon as you open an imgur link, the anti-scamaz chrome extension sends the imgur link to the server. The server application opens and analyzes every frame (regardless of the image format) and sends the results back to Chrome. It detects animated images 100% of the time.


  • Request to the API server is sent over a secure https connection.
  • The only information being sent is the imgur link.
  • Use proxy in Chrome if you don't want the server to see your IP.
  • IP logging is completely disabled.

Contact / Feedback

Post here, tweet at @RiTu1337, or whisper me memes on twitch.

Big beautiful man