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Automatically grab the weekly free games made available on epicgames store
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Dockerfile Don't run as root, causes Chrome issues Jan 11, 2020

Still in development

Automatically get the epicgames store weekly free games

I like free games but I don't like repeating the same process over and over again when it can be automated... And that's why I made this!

What it is

This is a simple python3.7 script making use of selenium webdriver and chrome driver to run run chrome in headless mode, navigate to the epicgames store, login into your account and redeem all weekly free games available. All of this inside of a docker container.

Getting started

Personally I avoid hosting such processes on my machine so I don't have to worry about having it turned ON during the times when it's supposed to run. So I opt for deploying it into AWS ECS and completely forget it exists... until I check my account on the website that is! ;)

To deploy it to AWS ECS start by creating a ECR repo and copying its URL to the makefile so it looks like this:

DOCKER_IMAGE_TAG ?= "epicgames:latest"
ECR_URL ?= ""

And then run:

make deployimage

Now you can create a new ECS task using your newly uploaded image, manually or through a cloudwatch event (recommended).

But you can also choose to run it locally, to do that start by building the image:

docker build -t epicgames .

And then run a docker container from the newly built image:

docker run -e EMAIL=<EMAIL> -e PASSWORD=<PASSWORD> epicgames

Replacing the environment variables EMAIL and PASSWORD for your epicgames store credentials.

Optional configuration

You can also specify two extra environmente variables TIMEOUT and LOGIN_TIMEOUT if you have a slow internet connection speed and want to make sure it won't affect the result of the script. LOGLEVEL can be used to specify the log level to log. Run a docker container with these:


These environmente variables have a default value of TIMEOUT = 5 and LOGIN_TIMEOUT = 10.

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