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Node.js CI


Create bot_info.js file with the proper information. Use the template as base. - Key: Provided on Bot Creation. - BotName: The @ of your bot. - Google Project ID: ProjectID on google cloud console.

Get credential json file from and save it as google_key.json on project root.

deploy your bot using gcloud app commands

Set the bot webhook:{my_bot_token}/setWebhook?url=https://{my-service-name}{my_bot_token}

GCloud Commands


gcloud app deploy


gcloud app logs tail -s default


gcloud app deploy;gcloud app logs tail -s default

Running locally

Ngrok - https redirect to localhost

C:\Projects\ngrok.exe http 18080
tsc -p .;node --trace-deprecation app.js

No cache

gcloud app deploy --no-cache;gcloud app logs tail -s default

Check for compilation errors

tsc -p .

Clean ts build files

tsc --build --clean

Run Npm Commands

npm run <_command_>

Clean Cloud Storage

gsutil rm -r gs://<_bucketname_>/*
gsutil rb gs://<_bucketname_>/*