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#Nightclub and stuff

Be the wingman of a socially anxious boy who will soon run out of energy in the middle of a crowded nightclub. Can you help him before his willpower runs out and his anxiety kicks in and he flees the party?


You are in control of Bruno, the Boy's big friend who just wants to help him to feel better and get stuff done. The game is fairly simple, since it's an point and click adventure heavy on graphical assets and we didn't have more time to add more complex interactions with the scenario or the characters. That may be done after the LD ends. Click on stuff or people to choose between Look - Talk - Touch. If you are holding an item, the character sprite will change and you will see the item in the right corner of the window.


Nightclub and Stuff is a game based on Bom Dia e Tal (Good Morning and Stuff), a brazilian webcomic about different young people living closely together, helping each other to overcome their problems and just live life as it is. It will soon be released as a book in multiple languages, but for the time being every comic is written in portugese. You can find it on Facebook and Tumblr. Bom Dia e Tal and it's characters was created by Gabriel Lage, who writes and illustrates the comics, with @t6ito who tutors/manages his work to soon pierce the stars.

Play the most recent LD Version here:

Play the post-jam version (when it is done) here:

Source code here:

Soon: Android, iOS and PC! Check our websites:

YESdev Team:

Bom Dia e Tal:


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