A solid, modern, not-so-opinionated front-end starting point.
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Brick - A solid, modern, not-so-opinionated front-end boilerplate.


For a more detailed documentation, check the official website.


Brick will give you a solid starting point to develop your next awesome project. It includes:

  • A painless, non-intrusive CSS library, written in Sass;
  • A solid and extensible development environment, with Gulp, Browsersync.

Getting started

# Clone this repository
$ git clone https://github.com/Riccardo-Zanutta/brick.git your_next_awesome_project
$ cd your_next_awesome_project

# Install dependencies
$ npm install
# Run tasks and serve
$ npm run start
# or
$ gulp --pretty

Browsersync will mount a web server for you and opens a tab in your browser at localhost:4001 (this is the default port, you can change it in the config.json file).


  • With gulp help you can obtain all automatic tasks used in the project.
  • With gulp production or npm run dist you can create a dist/ folder which contains your project with all assets optimized and ready to be deployed.


If you have any suggestions about the css and js structure/best practices, new gulp tasks and so on, please contribute and make a pull request.

  • Fork the original repo
  • if you have to test some new css/js feature, type npm run start which will start the dev server.
  • Make a pull request
  • Feel proud to contribute to the open source world :)