Svelte / Ivy comparison
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Svelte / Ivy

A comparison of compiled output from Svelte versus Ivy, in the spirit of friendly competition:


Svelte is on the left (2.4kb, 1.1kb zipped), Ivy is on the right (8.7kb, 3.2kb zipped).

Compare this repo with the original to see the difference in source code size (and build time!!!).

Original README below.

Angular Ivy Demo

"Ivy" is the experimental, not-yet-feature-complete upcoming view engine for the Angular framework. The main focus of Ivy is drastically reduced code size and increased flexibility.

See live demo here -


When can I have it?

When it's done.

When will it be done?

Watch to track the progress.

____ doesn't work!!!

That's why it's not done - please don't file issues.