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Bash script to create a slideshow playlist. Images are randomly selected with newer files strongly favored.
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Weighted Slideshow

Version 0.1 - March 21, 2011
Author: RichD

Creates a playlist file from image files in the current directory.

The images included in the playlist are randomly selected using an algorithm
that strongly favors newer images, i.e., the newer the image, the higher 
its chance of being chosen.

The playlist file can then be used as input to your favorite utility.
The author recommends the lightweight linux viewer 'feh'.

Note that there's no reason to use this script unless you're looking for a 
way to favor newer pics during the random selection process. Many image viewers
can easily display a slideshow of randomly selected pics. But they won't favor
files with newer modification times over older ones.

By default, looks for jpg, png, gif, and tif files. If you want
different behavior (perhaps you have some .JPG files or you found a viewer that
supports gimp .xcf files), then simply edit the first code line of the script:
	ftypes="*.jpg *.png *.gif *.tif"

Usage: filename count
		filename - name of file to be built containing the weighted play list.
			The default is "weightedssplaylist".
		count - number of images to select for the show. The default is all
			images in the current directory. However, if you have a lot of images
			and only want the playlist to include a random subset, specifying a
			count will speed up the selection/weighting/randomization process.
			Note that this does NOT mean that the playlist will contain only the
			<count> most recent images; ALL images will be considered, but newer
			images will be favored and only <count> images will be selected.

Basic usage example:
	> cd ~/myfavimages
	> fehssplaylist 100
	> feh -zFD20 --hide-pointer -f fehssplaylist

Advanced usage example - wrapper script to show slideshow on your TV:

To use this script, your computer must have a video card that can output 
to your TV. In this example, the output is an S-video cable with a resolution
of 800x600.

# prevent screensaver from starting during your show
xset s off
xset -dpms

pushd ~/myfavimages >> /dev/null

# make a weighted playlist with 100 images called fehssplaylist fehssplaylist 100

# display the show defined in the playlist
xrandr --output S-video --auto
feh -zxD20 -g 800x600 --hide-pointer -f fehssplaylist
xrandr --output S-video --off

popd >> /dev/null

# re-allow screensaver
xset s on
xset +dpms


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