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This is a forked version of the original Bartendro software which 
supports the [Hello Drinkbot]( project


Programs for the various systems of the Bartendro drink dispensing robot.

Created by Pierre Michael and Robert Kaye
Copyright (c) Party Robotics 2010-2013

All of the source code in this repository is licensed under the GNU Public License 2.0.
The hardware schematic and layouts are licensed using the Creative Commons 
Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

The source tree is laid out as follows:

hardware -- schematics and layouts for the dispenser and router hardware boards
firmware -- source code (C) for the dispenser and router boards
scripts  -- scripts to make running the bartendro software easier
tsb      -- legacy code from our old skool drink bot prototyp Tequila Sunrise Bot
ui       -- web interface for the bot, written in python.

These various subdirectories may contain more README and COPYING files.
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