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The Hello World of Drinkbots.
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Hello Drinkbot!

Cocktail robotics is a fascinating hobby and obsession. Roboexotica was the first, 'and , inevitably, the leading festival concerned with cocktail robotics world-wide.'

But you don't have to go to Vienna to make cocktail robots!

Cocktail robotics has traditionally had a fairly steep learning cliff. There are so many different skills which one can excercise in order to create an entertaining robot!

The Hello Drinkbot project seeks to create a 'hello world' of drinkbots to lower the learning cliff so that more people can have fun creating entertaining ways to get their friends drunk.

The goal is that a person can use the plans here to assemble a functional drink dispensing robot in an hour or two. You can then build on that 'hello world' drinkbot in different ways...

Note: not all cocktail robots make drinks, and there are many paths to cocktail robotics greatness! The premise of Hello Drinkbot is that having a simple way to make cocktails will bring more people in to apply their skills and talents and genius to the goal of entertaining us all.

And...cocktail robotics has a history of triggering interesting innovations in unexpected dig in! Make a robot. It is fun. And perhaps, a little messy!

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