SyntaxHL is a plugin for Tinymce that allows you to use SyntaxHighlighter to insert highlighted code
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NOTE: I'm no longer maintaining this anymore, if someone wishes to take over then please contact me.

SyntaxHL is a plugin for the Tinymce ( javascript WYSIWYG editor allowing you to insert highlighted code into the editor. The syntax highlighting is done using Syntax Highligher ( and the plugin simply produces the right syntax for this.

== Installation

= Move to plugin directory

Copy the syntaxhl folder into the Tinymce plugin directory so the path is something like this:


= Configure Tinymce

In your HTML under the tinymce.init option you need to append or add the line to load the plugin. You also need to add the button 'syntaxhl' to one of the button lines.

Example configuration:

	theme : "advanced", 
	plugins : "syntaxhl", 
	theme_advanced_buttons1 : "bold,italic,underline,undo,redo,link,unlink,image,forecolor,styleselect,removeformat,cleanup,code, syntaxhl",
	theme_advanced_buttons2 : "", 
	theme_advanced_buttons3 : "", 
	remove_linebreaks : false, 
	extended_valid_elements : "textarea[cols|rows|disabled|name|readonly|class]" 

That should be all you need to get the plugin working. Open up the editor and check the button has appeared (looks like a highlighter pen).


Please feel free to modify the project and send pull requests with improvements, changes are welcome!

If you have any problems at all contact me and I'll do the best I can to help.


== License

Copyright (c) 2008 Richard Grundy.

TinyMCE is released under the LGPL and therefore so is this plugin.