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# Zip up Lightroom catalogue backup folders (deleting old non-zipped version), copy to remote location,
# retaining some zip files locally. Also housekeeps the server location (maintains X number of zip files).
# Just run this after exiting Lightroom (or anytime you want to clean up LR backups). If LR is running it
# will wait for it to close.
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# 02/01/14 : Creation
# 01/09/16 : Superseeded by V2 for Lightroom 6 and upwards (as LR now zips backups by default). This still
# works for LR6 but is slow as it re-zips the backups which is not required.
# clear screen
write-output ""
write-output "------------------------------------Script Start------------------------------------"
write-output "Lightroom Backup Zip Tuck"
write-output "------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"
# load modules used in this script, change path as required
import-module -name C:\scripts\support\SupportModule -verbose
# local folder where LR dumps your backups, and a folder on the network or another drive to duplicate to
$LocalBkUpFolder = "D:\LightroomBackUp"
$RemoteBkUpFolder = "X:\LightroomBackup\CatalogBkUps"
# you need to hve 7Zip installed and add the path here
$7ZipExePath = "c:\Scripts\Support\7-Zip\7za"
$7ZipCmdLineForBkUps = $7ZipExePath + " a "
$target = “lightroom”
$process = Get-Process | Where-Object {$_.ProcessName -eq $target}
Write-Output "Waiting for Lightroom to exit..."
start-sleep -s 2
Write-Output "Zipping backup file(s)..."
## look for folders (unzipped backups)
if ((Get-ChildItem -Path $LocalBkUpFolder -Directory).Count -gt 0)
## loop each one and zip
foreach ($path in (Get-ChildItem -Path $LocalBkUpFolder -Directory))
## zip it here
Write-Output "Zipping $path.Name "
$FolderToZip = $path.FullName
$ZipFileName = $path.Name + ".zip"
$ZipFileFullPath = $LocalBkUpFolder + "\" + $ZipFileName
$zipExpression = $7ZipCmdLineForBkUps + """$ZipFileFullPath""" + " " + """$FolderToZip"""
invoke-expression $zipExpression
## copy zip to remote folder location
Write-Output "Tucking backup away on remote share..."
Copy-Item $ZipFileFullPath -Destination $RemoteBkUpFolder
## delete folder
Remove-Item -Recurse -Force $FolderToZip
## cleanup zip files, keep 8 newest
write-output "Clear out old zipped files (local)..."
Remove-MostFiles $LocalBkUpFolder *.zip 8
## cleanup zip files, keep 20 newest
write-output "Clear out old zipped files (Server)..."
Remove-MostFiles $RemoteBkUpFolder *.zip 20
Write-Output "Script Complete !!!"
start-sleep -s 3