Control the information that your wordpress site is sending to
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WARNING: The upgrade to 1.5.3 will have to be done manually. Github lost the updater files, not sure how but it seemed to happen with the 1.4.0 version. They were still showing up in the repo on my computer in both the master and development branches, but not on github on either branch. The directory showed up, but had no files in it.

Privacy My Way


Tags: privacy, updates, plugins, themes, core, translations

Requires at least: 4.7

Tested up to: 4.9.8

Stable tag: 1.5.4

License: MIT

Control the information that your wordpress site is sending to


This plugin will enable you to finely control some of the information that the WordPress core code sends back to, including your site's url, the number of users you have, what plugins are installed and active, and what themes are installed and active. It does not filter what PHP and MySQL versions your server is running, nor the language files installed.


Please use the latest release.

When using the Upload option, be aware that Github includes the version number as part of the directory name inside the zip file. You will need FTP or SSH access to around that. Once you have the plugin actually installed, then upgrades via the admin dashboard will work just fine. If anyone knows how to get github not to add the version number, please let me know by opening an issue about it.

Manual Installation

This is your best option, although if you have gotten this far you probably don't need these instructions.

  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Copy the privacy-my-way directory into your WordPress plugin directory. Remove the version number when doing so.
  3. Go to Dashboard -> Plugins screen and activate the plugin.
  4. Either click on the Settings link, or go to Dashboard -> Setting -> Privacy My Way, to edit and save the options.


Release updates are handled using Plugin Update Checker, so everything should work the WordPress way. Support for GitHub Updater is also present.


I no longer consider this beta code and I do not expect it to break your site, but if it does, then you get to keep the pieces.


See the GitHib Wiki. Open an issue if you can't find the info you need.


Contributions are welcome - fork, fix and send pull requests against the development branch please.


Next Release


  • Bugfix: added missing case in switch statement.
  • Upgrade: update base plugin classes.


  • Bugfix: The minor bugfix in the last release was itself broken. I panicked about the missing updater, and well...


  • Bugfix: forced update on the Plugin Update Checker. Github lost it's files at some point, even though they still showed up in my own repo.
  • Bugfix: updated a core plugin file classes/Trait/Attributes.


  • Bugfix: fixed issue where an array did not need to be passed through the function filtering active plugins.


  • Enhancement: added option to prevent browser disclosure.
  • Enhancement: added option to prevent location info being sent to
  • Upgrade: update base plugin classes.
  • Bugfix: fixed issue with filtering plugins not always working properly.


  • Enhancement: added options to prevent WordPress automatic updates, intended for developers.
  • Enhancement: added code for 'core_version_check_query_args' filter.
  • Upgrade: updated base plugin classes, added use of base Options class.
  • Upgrade: added filter for site transients.
  • Upgrade: upgraded to version 4.4 of Plugin Update Checker.


  • Bugfix: fixed new installation crashes.


  • Bugfix: fixed missing index error.


  • Enhancement: added pot file, along with en_US.po file.
  • Enhancement: added option for data deletion when deactivating/uninstalling plugin.
  • Enhancement: added option for logging, removed use of flag file.
  • Upgrade: moved files in assets/ to more correct vendor/ directory.
  • Upgrade: upgraded to version 4.1 of Plugin Update Checker.
  • Upgrade: updated base plugin classes.


  • Enhancement: expanded prefix use to prevent possible function/file name conflicts. Thanks nacin
  • Enhancement: added color to plugin/theme filter lists for active/inactive status.
  • Enhancement: updated Trait classes.
  • Logging: added use of flag file to give better logging control.


  • Enhancement: updated Plugin and Trait classes.
  • Enhancement: added check for valid logging function.
  • Enhancement: added header field for GitHub Updater.
  • Debug: added run_tests methods, now uses flag file.
  • Fix: active theme not being reset properly when filtering themes.
  • Fix: corrected variable reference left over from old code.
  • Minor: changed some comment text.



  • Initial release