Pythonic Bayesian Belief Network Package, supporting creation of and exact inference on Bayesian Belief Networks specified as pure python functions.
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Pythonic Bayesian Belief Network Framework

Allows creation of BBNs with pure Python
functions. Currently three different inference
methods are supported with more to come:

- Message Passing and the Junction Tree Algorithm
- The Sum Product Algorithm
- MCMC Sampling for approximate inference

Other Features

- Automated conversion to Junction Trees
- Inference of Graph Structure from Mass Functions
- Automatic conversion to Factor Graphs
- Seemless storage of samples for future use
- Exact inference on cyclic graphs
- Export of graphs to GraphViz (dot language) format

Please see the short tutorial in the docs/tutorial directory
for a short introduction on how to build a BBN.
There are also many examples in the examples directory.


$ python install
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Building The Tutorial

$ pip install sphinx
$ cd docs/tutorial
$ make clean
$ make html

Unit Tests:

To run the tests in a development environment:

$ PYTHONPATH=. py.test bayesian/test


1) Change requirement for PMFs to use .value
2) Rename VariableNode to DiscreteVariableNode
3) Add GaussianVariableNode for continuous variables

========= (Many real-world examples listed)

Junction Tree Algorithm: