Standalone C++ driver for Novatel GNSS system. Refactored from Baidu's Apollo code.
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This is a port of the Apollo GNSS driver to pure ROS. We removed dependencies on the protocol buffer messaging infrastructure used by Apollo.

This driver has been tested to work with a Novatel ProPak 6 on the University of Nevada, Reno's MKZ platform from AutonomouStuff.

This work was supported by the Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development and the State of Nevada's Knowledge Fund.


  • Integrate Apollo's framework into the ROS framework through remove of protocol buffer dependencies for messages and instead use the ROS message framework to publish and subscribe to sensor topics.
  • Publish, subscribe, and log gnss data including gps, imu, ins, and wheel encoder.
  • Stream RTK correction to the GPS receiver if available.


This GNSS driver has two nodelets: a data stream nodelet and a parser nodelet. The stream nodelet communicates between the host PC and the device and grabs the RTK data from a NTRIP caster. The parser nodelet subscribes the raw data from the stream nodelet, parses the data, and publishes ROS messages.


  • GPS data, e.g. velocity latency, position and velocity and their standard deviations
  • INS data, e.g. position, linear and angular velocity and covariance
  • IMU pose data, e.g. orientation, velocity, & acceleration


  • data stream status
  • gnss status
  • ins status
  • imu data
  • localization data


We use protocol buffers to store the driver configuration. The configuration file is stored in path share/gnss_driver/conf/ which is quoted by gnss_driver.launch. File gnss_driver.launch is stored in path share/gnss_driver/launch/. When using the gnss_driver, the following should be checked before deployment:

  • To use the location with UTM projection, check the zone id configuration in gnss_driver.launch.
  • Check the the lever arm distance.
  • Confirm the imu install method, as this affects the vehicle's frame and orientation compute.