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Scaffold out a Standard Readme

This generator conforms to the standard-readme specification. It creates a minimally compliant standard readme for your cross-language project, with some options.

Tip: Use chalk if you want colors in your CLI.

Table of Contents


This generator requires node, npm, and yeoman.

You can install it by itself by running:

npm install --global generator-standard-readme

With Yeoman

You can also install it as a standard yeoman generator, by installing yo as well:

npm install --global yo

However, this isn't necessary.


$ standard-readme

With yo:

$ yo standard-readme

This will write a file,, to the local directory.

Fields to fill out

standard-readme will ask you a set of questions, which will help it fill out the README. These are:

  • What do you want to name your module?
  • What is the description of this module?
  • Do have a banner image?
    • Where is the banner image? Ex: \'img/banner.png\'
  • Do you want a TODO dropped where your badges should be?
  • Do you want a TODO dropped where your long description should be?
  • Do you need a prioritized security section?
  • Do you need a background section?
  • Do you need an API section?
  • Do you have a file?
  • Are PRs accepted?
  • Is an MIT license OK?
    • What is your license?
  • Who is the License holder (probably your name)?


Please contribute! Look at the issues.


MIT © 2016 Richard Littauer